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About Mizuho REIT Management

We are a real estate investment trust management company in which Mizuho Trust & Banking has a 100% stake through our parent company Mizuho Realty One.

We manage the assets of the listed REIT, One REIT, and the private REIT, One Private REIT, that place emphasis on “stability” and “growth” over the medium to long term by leveraging the know-how that we, along with Mizuho Realty One and Mizuho Real Estate Management, have accumulated in both the real estate and financial sectors to date and the various support from Mizuho Trust & Banking.

One REIT, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Market, is a diversified REIT that invested mainly in “Middle-sized Office.”

One REIT invests in “Middle-sized Office,” for which the market scale of buildings is relatively large and holds abundant acquisition opportunity as well as those in which stable rental demand is expected over the medium to long term, as the core investment target with an aim to secure stable profits and achieve steady growth of assets under management over the medium to long term.


SIA Kanda Square (One REIT, Inc.)

SIA Kanda Square (One REIT, Inc.)

One Private REIT is a private residential REIT that invests in rental housing and accommodation facilities.

One Private REIT aims to earn long-term, stable profits through the combination of the characteristic of “rental housing” being that rent fluctuations are small and the characteristic of “private REITs” being that investment unit price fluctuations are small.

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Group Companies

Mizuho Realty One is mainly in charge of corporate operations, while we manage the listed REIT, One REIT, and the private REIT, One Private REIT, and while fellow wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Realty One, Mizuho Real Estate Management, manages private funds, establishing the optimal Group management structure for management of assets and information disclosure to investors.

Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd.Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd.
Management of subsidiaries
Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.
Real estate investment advisory services for domestic and international investors

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